Our three shows on tap are:

Please note that our productions may be affected by developments on the COVID-19 pandemic front. The TV casting ranch management reserves the right to adjust the production schedule based on government updates, border re-openings and other factors.  

  1. Sinful Secrets (Coming to you in the Spring of 2021)
  2. Cityscape Ladies (Coming to you in the late Spring of 2021)
  3. The Clubbers BACKDOOR (Coming to you in the Summer of 2021)

Principal casting of these series is done through the BID4ME television popularity casting campaign


The video below provides you with AN OPTIONAL COMPONANT! Those of you that are fully committed to the BID4ME popularity television casting campaign and have a completed campaign profile may choose to participate in what is offered below. Videos uploaded through this ‘added optional program’ will be used as a popularity ‘tie breaker’ only, if required at the end of the campaign again for ‘tie breaker’ purposes only.  COPY/PASTE this YOUTUBE link to load your video