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The Clubbers BACKDOOR

There is a rumour floating out there for about 30+ years that claims Montreal women make better Diva’s than others, ANY OTHERS, except California ones of course… Well there’s only one way to find out and we are going to put our cast through the wringer to prove it. From fashion flair to red carpet snares and all things in between, will YOU prove them right or wrong. LETS FIND OUT!


When 5 women, from very different backgrounds, receive an invitation to play an experimental “life replica” virtual game, through their common social media platform, they quickly find out that their past, real or virtual, is no longer safe nor can it be kept secret from the present.

Our series takes you deep into the world of  “virtual worlds”, trust, thirst for life, blood bonding, jealousy and ethical dilemmas. What is our society truly made of? What strings are pulled, what lines cant be crossed and how far will they reach to save their soul… Below is a small video teaser… ENJOY!

SINFUL secrets

EVERYTHING GOES when one of Canada’s TOP female investigative team gets their lives deconstructed by a client. Can their skills and decades of experience prevail in a world of social media overload, stacking as a past time and a craving for media blood that is sometimes hard to quench…