The Clubbers BACKDOOR (The Clubbers Animatrix)

HALLOWEEN LIMO DRIVE-BY did you catch the DEVIL’s tour recently… He did make the rounds, in a number of Ontario and Quebec downtown core and some of you may have even gotten a little gift from the ruler of the underworld. STAY TUNED for a trailer video to be posted right here in a bit with important information about an upcoming HALLOWEEN SPECIAL THEME EPISODE! of The CLUBBERS BACKDOOR!


Format: Produced as a TV Reality Competition 
Packaged as: 30 minute / twelve part series with weekly online ‘fan driven’ elimination  

For over 30+ years, a rumour persists amongst hardcore clubbers that claims Montreal women make better Diva’s than others, ANY OTHERS, except California, maybe… While the fight for DIVA SUPREMACY is mostly friendly, cat fights do break-out!

The clubbers BACKDOOR intends on  finding out by running the cast through the wringer to prove it. From fashion flair to red carpet snares and all things in between, using online and in club fan voting, individual achievements from divas looking to show-off their skills in hosting to bartending and even with a few dance moves on the floor will be looked at. All of this resulting in the crowning of ONLY ONE DIVA as THE CLUBBERS QUEEN!


Format: Produced as a Socio-Reality Drama

Packaged as: one hour / six part mini series

When 10 women, from very different backgrounds, receive an invitation to play an experimental “life replica” virtual game, through their common social media platform, they quickly find out that their past, real or virtual, is no longer safe nor can it be kept secret from the present.

Our series takes you deep into the world of  “virtual worlds”, trust, thirst for life, blood bonding, jealousy and ethical dilemmas. What is our society truly made of? What strings are pulled, what lines cant be crossed and how far will they reach to save their soul…

SINFUL secret

Format: Produced as a Socio-Reality Drama
Packaged as: one hour / six part mini series

When Cynthia, an up and coming business executive comes across a disturbing file from her Boss’s office, that identifies an action plan that would threaten the economic stability of the country, she decides to act. With the assistance of a ‘women of power’ social weekly get together group, the digging for information begins however, it becomes evident very quickly that there are bigger forces at work here. Can the truth be found amongst a web of lies and manipulation in time to save her world from collapse… Watching your back takes on a whole new meaning in this action packed mini series.