Television Rising Amateur Casting Showcase 

Bringing to the forefront the best features from our cast, coming next Summer featuring best reality performance // most popular with fans // most promising actress and more… LADIES, your running campaign is your ticket!


  1. Does it cost me anything to register myself, create my profile and my campaign? There is ABSOLUTELY NO COST to you, just REGISTER yourself (starting in April 2022), CREATE a profile and encourage your followers to make a pledge.
  2. Are there any special requirements regarding photos that i need to know about? During the creation of your campaign, you will be asked to upload a profile pic and also a general content picture. THE CHOICE IS YOURS to load lingerie, swimwear, workout gear, business attire or even a cocktail dress. You will also have the option of uploading a short videoclip hyperlink of your fun ‘on camera’ personality.  
  3. Can i make money from this campaign even if i dont become part of the WINNING FINALISTS? YES, every active campaign that generates pledges is GUARANTEED a 20% return. Divas who’s GOFUNDME efforts reach the maximum set campaign goal of $25,000 GET AUTOMATICALLY CAST and can expect to receive additional monies as the series is produced.  Those details will be provided to DIVAs that become WINNING FINALISTS before they arrive on set.
  4. How many followers do i need to participate? With as little as a few dozen you can get started. Remember that the goal is get your followers to make an online pledge to your campaign. Having thousands of followers that don’t pledge is worth less that having a hundred where they all pledge and support your GOFUNDME campaign. Now, WHY SHOULD MY FOLLOWERS MAKE A PLEDGE? because by doing so, they support YOU as well as a number of local charities in the cities we film and it helps cover some unanticipated COVID-19 operational costs and live event protocols, most smaller size studios have to deal with in order to do business… 
  5. Should i become a part of WINNING FINALISTS, which show will I be performing in? Each one of our shows (there are presently three) has room for 10 principal roles both as main characters as well as primary support roles. These shows are in PHASE II with production scheduled for the Fall of 2022!
  6. Where will the TV taping(s) take place? All three series are filmed primarily at the TV casting Ranch in Montreal or Toronto as their backdrop. Precise details on other operational aspects will be released to the selected ladies/divas as we get closer to the start of production.
  7. Should I be one of the WINNING FINALISTS, how long can i expect to be away from home? Each one of our series is scheduled to take 3 to 4 weeks to complete and that is the length of time all WINNING FINALISTS are required to be available for. A complete filming schedule as well as copies of scripts and role pre-assignments as well as other important information will be made available to the selected ones prior to commencement date. See EVENTS link below
  8. Can i use my smartphone and film on set? YES, as long as it doesn’t interfere with filming activities and all existing rules are followed. Certain areas of the ranch are clearly marked as a “no smartphone use” The same rules apply as it pertains to posting of said clips on a Diva’s social media feed. Your segment producer can give you more info.
  9. Are all of my expenses (transport, accommodation, food) taken care of while on set? YES, you will receive a weekly ‘perdiem’ during your time with us to cover normal expenses.
  10. How do my supporters/followers get involved in helping me WIN MY TV SPOT? As a GOFUNDME campaign, it is based on how popular you are but also has a very important ‘community feel’ to it. We developed our platform with some base elements similar to INDIEGOGO and KICKSTER which have successfully been around for over a decade. The UNIQUENESS of our platform is the use of PRIZED CERTIFICATES (for your supporters). We created a PRIZED CERTIFICATE page your supporters can check it out here:  
  11. How long does my campaign remain open? Once you have created/populated your campaign (starting in April 2022), it will go online usually within 24 hours of creation. You will be able to see your campaign progress, week after week, on our website by simply logging back in OR going to the DIVA LISTING PAGE tab. ALL campaigns, unless COVID dictates otherwise, will last until the end of September 2022 giving you plenty of time to tell your followers!
  12. Will the CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) pandemic affect me at any point during the campaign? Starting in April 2022, REGISTERING yourself, CREATING your campaign and telling your followers and fans about it is done completely and exclusively ONLINE so there is NO RISK TO YOU! Should you become part of the WINNING FINALISTS that receive a TV role, rest assured that, on-set filming, will only take place following the most recommended industry procedures to ensure everyone’s safety

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