Participating Divas will give away TEN (10) PERCENT of all revenues generated through this TV popularity casting campaign with the TV CASTING RANCH matching every Diva dollars, for dollars. Collected contributions will be disbursed to agencies dealing with COVID-19, in the name of each DIVA in the city/state/province where DIVA resides.


  1. Does it cost me anything to register myself, create my profile and my campaign? There is ABSOLUTELY NO COST to you, just a little time to register and create your campaign.
  2. Are there any special requirements regarding photos that i need to know about? During the creation of your campaign, you will be asked to upload a profile pic and also a general content picture. Your choice of lingerie, swimwear, workout gear or a cocktail dress. You will also have the option of uploading a videoclip hyperlink of your fun personality. IMPORTANT POINT: you will be required to email the TV casting ranch 5 NEVER PUBLISHED autographed pictures of yourself. That step can be completed AFTER you have finished populating your campaign. The email address to use for that part is:  
  3. Can i make money from this campaign even if i dont become part of the WINNING FINALISTS? YES, every DIVA that completes her profile and has generated pledges from her supporters is GUARANTEED 20% return. Divas who reach their set campaign goal and make the FINALS will receive an incrementally bigger $$$ figure as the series is taped. Those details will be provided to DIVAs that become WINNING FINALISTS before you are flown to our TV casting ranch.
  4. How many followers do i need to participate? There is no minimum # of followers. Interest in our TV popularity casting campaign has come from Divas with as little as a few hundred followers to some with more than 250,000 followers. What will make a difference is how committed your followers are to supporting your campaign.
  5. Should i become a part of WINNING FINALISTS, which show will I be performing in? Each one of our shows (there are presently three) has room for 10 women, both as main characters as well as primary support roles. These shows are in their development phase with pre-production scheduled for late Summer, all based on the world situation.
  6. Where will the TV taping take place? All three series will be filmed in Canada with most scenes at the TV casting ranch in northern Montreal with some backdrop scenes likely around Montreal and in Toronto. Precise details on other operational aspects will be released to the selected divas as we get closer to the start of production.
  7. Should I be one of the WINNING FINALISTS, how long can i expect to be away from home? Each one of our series is scheduled to take about 3 to 4 weeks to complete and that is the length of time all Divas are required to be available for. A complete filming schedule as well as copies of scripts and role pre-assignments as well as other important information will be made available to the selected cast prior to the scheduled taping commencement date.
  8. Can i use my smartphone and film on set? YES, as long as it doesn’t interfere with filming activities and all existing rules are followed. Certain areas of the ranch are clearly marked as a “no smartphone use” The same rules apply as it pertains to posting of said clips on a Diva’s social media feed. Your producer will advise you once at our taping facility.
  9. Are all of my expenses (flight, accommodation, food) taken care of while on set? YES, you will receive a weekly ‘perdiem’ during your time with us to cover your normal expenses.
  10. How do my supporters/followers get involved in helping me WIN MY TV SPOT? It is a popularity campaign that is developed with a very important ‘community feel’ to it. We developed our platform with some base elements similar to INDIEGOGO and KICKSTER which have been around for over a decade. The UNIQUENESS of our platform is the use of TV CREDIT LEVELS. We created a TV CREDIT LEVEL page your supporters can check it out here:  
  11. How long will my campaign remain open? Once you have created/populated your campaign, it will be quickly reviewed by one of our panel producers to make sure it meets our community/campaign guidelines and then will AUTOMATICALLY ACTIVATE!  You will be able to see your campaign progress, week after week, on our website by simply logging back in. The campaign will last anywhere between 12 and 16 weeks depending greatly on when the borders between countries reopen and airlines resume their normal travel schedule. Rest assured that our TV production sets will open only when it is safe to do so. More info on that below!
  12. Will the CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) pandemic affect me at any point during the campaign? REGISTERING yourself, CREATING your campaign and telling your followers and fans about it is done completely and exclusively ONLINE so there is NO RISK TO YOU! Should you become part of the WINNING FINALISTS that receive a TV role, rest assured that, on-set filming, WILL ONLY BEGIN once our industry has been given the green light to do so from the appropriate supervising government body.
    • SAFETY BEFORE ANYTHING – No one knows, at this moment, how long the COVID-19 pandemic will affect most of our daily lives. Rest assured that at the TV casting ranch, we take that aspect into consideration, now and for the foreseeable future. That is why, all three (3) of our TV scripts have a video-conferencing component already written into our scripts which means that, when the time comes to start production, after the closing of the ONLINE CAMPAIGN, we can start filming the video-conferencing parts first to ensure staff and cast remain safe until it is time to film on our sets.

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