1. Does it cost me anything to register my profile and create my campaign? There is ABOSOLUTELY NO COST to you.
  2. How many followers do i need to participate? There is not a minimum # of followers. Interest in our TV popularity casting campaign has come from Divas with as little as a few hundred followers to some with over 100,000 followers.
  3. Should i make the TOP 30 FINALISTS, which show will I be performing in? Each one of our shows (we have three) has room for 10 women, both as main characters as well as primary support roles. We currently are in pre-production for these 3 shows that you can find under our VIDEO PREVIEWS tab.
  4. Where will the TV taping take place? All three series will be filmed in Canada. Precise details of the location and other operational aspects are purposely kept secret and will be released to all as we get closer to the start of production.
  5. Should I be in the winning group, how long can i expect to be away from home? Our shows are scheduled to take about 3 weeks to complete and it is the length of time all finalists are required to be available.
  6. Are all of my expenses (flight, accommodation, food) taken care of while on set? YES, In addition to receiving a weekly ‘perdiem’ all our popularity winners have their expenses fully covered.
  7. How do my supporters/followers get involved in helping me WIN MY TV SPOT? It is a popularity competition that is developed with a very important ‘community feel’ to it. We developped our platform with some base elements similar to INDIEGOGO and KICKSTER which have been around for over a decade. The UNIQUENESS of our platform is the use of TV CREDIT LEVELS. It is quite simple but to avoid any confusion, we created its own page so check it out here:  
  8. How long will my campaign remain open? Once you have created your campaign, it will be quickly reviewed by one of our campaign panel members to make sure it meets our community/campaign guidelines and then will AUTOMATICALLY ACTIVATE!  You will be able to see your campaign LIVE in the campaign section of our website. The campaign will last anywhere between 8 and 16 weeks depending greatly on when the borders between countries reopens and airlines resume their normal travel activities.
  9.  Will the CORONAVIRUS pandemic affect me at any point during the campaign? REGISTERING yourself and CREATING your campaign is done exclusively ONLINE so there is NO RISK TO YOU! Should you become part of the WINNING FINALISTS that receive a TV role, rest assured that we will only begin filming once the pandemic has passed and will take every precautionary measure to ensure the safety of both our cast members and crew.  .