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If I am chosen I would dance all over the place first. Then I will pack and be on my way and just keep taking pictures and getting people involved in that will help me.

Diva campaign

by Tameka Smith

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North Carolina, United States (US)

Tameka Smith

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Q/A Survey

  1. Do you feel camera friendly? Yes I do I’m always trying to take pictures.
  2. Do you feel comfortable in a live taping environment? I never really done a live one but because I am a people person and love the camera should not take long to get comfortable.
  3. Tell us the perfect script role for you. Something with me being the boss or someone sexy wife that is a fighter.
  4. Something a fan has done for me. The people that follow me who gives me nice comments.
  5. Do you work well filming tight deadlines? I work how ever I am suppose to work to get the job done always have and alwways will.

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