We offer fans our EXCLUSIVE ONLINE MERCH CATALOGUE from t-shirts, caps, summer and winter portable accessories and the very unique “celebrity worn show rings” IN ADDITION to the ability to purchase tickets to any number of our live events.

Our live events, when available for a specific “in production” series have limited seating and do tend to go very fast. Stay informed on the series of interest to you so you never miss an opportunity to buy your front row seat to what is always a very entertaining event.


Whether it be for our mainstream web series or for the more specific 21 day “teen summer camps” that allow teens to learn the ropes of the TV production and acting business, BECOMING A CAST is now easier than ever. Simply look for the select tabs for the registration information and follow the steps.

PANDEMIC UPDATE: Please note that, at this time, we are still assessing the impact the pandemic has on our operation. You can stay updated by following our FACEBOOK and TWITTER feeds and looking at our EVENT CALENDAR tab for the latest on our operation.


We look forward to normal operation as much as you do. STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES!