each select episode worth $500

In association with the — BID4ME television popularity casting campaign — already on its way, we are excited to launch our TV EPISODE WRITING CONTEST! opened to ALL CANADIAN STUDENTS weather you study online, in class or in a hybrid format… We also invite those graduates with less than one year of experience on the job market to enter the contest!



Here’s how it works. Go to the VIDEO PREVIEWS section of our website and look over the show synopsis for THE CLUBBERS BACKDOOR, CITYSCAPE LADIES and SINFUL SECRETS and PICK ANY ONE or ALL of the listed shows.

Here is the link: https://tvcastingranch.ca/tv-productions/

The format of your submission should be aligned with the common industry format and MUST include the following items:

  1. Create 10 female characters
  2. Assign personality traits to all of them
  3. Tell us what role you see each play in the series
  4. Create an episode using the prepared series synopsis
  5. Limit your submission to a MAX of 10 PDF pages
  6. Make sure to complete the SURVEY below
  7. Send your submission to: jobs@tvcastingranch.ca

SPECIAL NOTES: You may submit in one or all three of our listed series. Each submission(s) will be treated individually and NOT be returned and could be used in full or in part by the company, without restrictions. Due to volume, calls to the TV casting ranch office regarding status are not permitted instead, please email your enquiries to vicdeetv@tvcastingranch.ca Please allow up to 5 working days for a written response.

Results of the winners will be published on our website in early April with the company limiting the number of winners based on the number of submissions. YOU MAY SUBMIT NOW!

By submitting, writers agree to ALL terms and conditions as described HERE: