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BRIGHT LIGHTS – BIG CITY,  You’ve heard the expression before. Wrestling is more than a sporting event, ITS AN ESCAPE for the hundreds of thousands+ that attend these events across Quebec and Ontario on a yearly basis. The TV casting ranch is proud to be the first to have created a program custom designed for wrestlers who are looking for  that ‘extra hot spice’ to add to their servings of pain!!! A program made to measure, fast to implement and guaranteed to get your audience jumping even higher out of their chairs!

MEET AIR RAGE DIVA – Maddy Wrestler

camera training studio

camera training studio

Maddy joined the TV casting ranch fulfilling a long dream that started way back when she was 6 years old. After completing her training with some of the greats, her image polished, she is now ready to take on the world as a trained instructor for the ‘Thematic Wrestling Bootcamps’ each wrestler goes through! Air Rage Diva has set the bar for all similar male and female wrestlers alike looking to deliver a little more to their fans.