The wrestling federations will train you to fight, teach you the moves and start you up to develop your image and character… The TV casting ranch comes in after that to assist you in polishing that image, create a real wrestling personality that takes all the elements that make you who you are at the core and create what we call your THEMATIC IDENTITY…


For those looking to enter the world of REALITY TV:

We offer intense 1, 2 and 3 day reality television bootcamp sessions’ in most cases in front of a live audience and we presently have on deck three (3) shows all listed under the TV INFO and VIDEOS tab.

For teenagers between the age of 11 and 18, a Summer camp called UTC designed to teach teens the basic inner workings of the world of television has also made its debut. Check out the ULTIMATE TEEN CHALLENGE section to find out more. Get ready for a fantastic 2020 season. 

For those entertainers/artists looking to bolster their market presence:

We are an identity marketing company. This area deals specifically with clients that need their image developed / enhanced / adapted to the ever changing market conditions out there. We work with the client on everything from putting together their unique image, photo-video productions, creating a marketing/social media campaign to putting out hard copy advertising material.

We are also an artist management company. With our recent launch of the ‘bookastar’ section, we presently support the formation of up and coming wrestlers with our THEMATIC IMAGE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM as we prepare our wrestling talent to enter the ring with an identity that envelops both a theatre component as well as the fighting aspect.

Clients hire us to handle all of the managerial aspects of their career as well as booking enquiries and contract negotiations among other things.