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The first is made of Finalists/Winners from our various ‘made for TV’ web reality series as listed in our TV INFO and VIDEOS section updated upon completion of each season’s taping and ONLY AVAILABLE for viewing through your yearly membership program.

The second and most recent is our entry into the arena of FEMALE THEATRICAL WRESTLING, this highly specialized professional group of individuals make themselves available to attend events ranging from corporate gigs, school showcases, semi-private ‘fun training’ sessions to a variety of special requests. The TV casting ranch certifies all through our business management to promotional image design and showbiz, our roster is trained with all the tools to ensure your complete satisfaction. Introducing

AIR RAGE DIVA – Maddy Wrestler

Maddy joined the TV casting ranch fulfilling a long dream that started way back when she was 6 years old. After completing her training with some of the greats, her image polished, she is now ready to take on the world. One of the first professional wrestlers with a working ‘flight theme’, Air Rage Diva has set the bar for all similar female wrestlers looking to deliver a little more to their fans worldwide.


Preparations have begun for the first ever Micro Theatrical Wrestling event featuring Air Rage Diva and her talented ring cohorts. Stay tuned to find out what cities she will visit… Want her to come see you, let her know through the online application below. All request are reviewed and responded to.

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