come learn the basics of the biz – come take charge

UTC DAYCAMPS ARE THREE DAYS. You are a teen/tween between the age of 9 to 19 who wants to ‘feel the Hollywood vibe’ for yourself. Ultimate Teen Challenge is the camp for you. LIGHTS – CAMERA – ACTION!


During camp days, our production/taping facility is divided into three sections where you and your teammates will work for all three days of your journey. You could be assigned the role of the producer, set designer, script writer, photo-videographer, papparazzi/press agent or even be one of the actor/tresses… Then begins the start of a great team production effort…

Complete and send us The ONLINE FORM below to put your reservation in and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed. Within weeks of registering, you will receive you’re kit in the mail containing you’re welcome letter, camp brochure and final registration form. 


Our ‘training bootcamps’ are fun weather you’re serious about the industry or just wanna have some fun trying things out. Its a fast paced environment on a replica set using a combination of real and make believe props to create that ‘perfect scene’


On the afternoon of the last day, our closing ceremony will highlight the group effort of each team and awards will be handed out on the red carpet by a huge projection screen and a deliciously prepared buffet. A member of your family or close friend can attend with their ticket. Parents can be front row center to watch the highlight reel of all the created masterpieces before the family drives back to the city.


Please note that paying in full, at once, is the only way to guarantee your first choice camp date. UTC however reserves the right to suggest alternate camp date(s) to participants based on minimum required attendance levels. Your WELCOME KIT will contain all additional details you require to make an informed decision. We look forward to seeing you this Summer.

After receiving the information package following our online registration, i am now really looking forward to attending the UTC camp next Summer!

Patricia O’neil 17

Being able to save 15% by using their early-bird booking option makes a big difference for us having 3 kids that want to go and their mailed out kit is descriptive enough that we feel we have all the information we need to move forward. Will be fun to see our kids working their creative magic.

Sylvie Callister

After speaking with the senior producer, i feel confident that my teenage son will get a kick out of becoming a ‘producer for a day’ and who knows, it might turn out to be a turning point in his career decision.

Tina Desmond

The kit i received in the mail provided me enough information and great pictures that i feel I can take advantage of their 15% rebate by skipping the open house and completing my booking by March 22

Oliver Mcneil

Very easy step by step process. We just received the welcome kit in the mail after registering online. Its all very clear so we decided to skip the open house and save 15% since we feel we have all the info we need plus we did get to have a quick chat with the producer of the camp. I believe Matt will get a kick out of the camp experience next Summer. He’s been bugging us for years about wanting to learn the TV business. This 3 day camp may just be the thing.

Roman Gallichio