CityScape Ladies aka Cityscape Stories

Love, Lust and Passion



When 5 women, from very different backgrounds, receive an invitation to play an experimental “life replica” virtual game, through their common social media platform, they quickly find out that their past, real or virtual, is no longer safe nor can it be kept secret from the present.

Our series takes you deep into the world of “virtual realities”, trust, thirst for life, blood bonding, jealousy and ethical dilemmas. What is our society truly made of? What strings are pulled, what lines cant be crossed and how far will they reach to save their soul… A highly intense series that will make you think twice about what you see, what you hear and where do you go when you no longer trust what your eyes tell you, show you.

DAYPASS – what’s that?

DAYPASS – what’s that?

The DAYPASS / DAYPASS PLUS options allows any of the fans interested in attending a live taping as part of the live audience to come watch all the action. You'll also enjoy a HOT/COLD buffet and get your hands on exclusive show merchandise.   Please note that all our...