The TV casting ranch offers tours of its facilities prior to the Summer for some of its programs. ONLY those who have submitted this application have the opportunity of getting a guided tour. We will get back to you asap with all news regarding your submission.

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IF NOT, you may have to resort to carpooling. Depending on the show you are submitting for, a shuttle bus may be available from MONTMORENCY metro. Please email us at: if you need info on the service.



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The TV casting ranch offers each cast hopeful the opportunity of being chosen to make up the cast of any one of our television series being developed and produced by the TV casting ranch. Our TV training bootcamps are FREE*, NON UNION and DO NOT PAY A SALARY.
*upgrades are available

As a cast hopeful you will receive complimentary food and beverages, exposure through our promotional campaigns and depending on your show score, full use of our TV casting ranch luxury facilities during your training including our indoor pool, Jacuzzi, private beach and lake access, free onsite physio therapist and more. In addition, we offer TOP cast hopefuls, a payoff incentive on all sold show merchandise. More details once we receive your application and/or during the information session.

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You can submit your application with PICTURES ONLY however, if you want to include a quick video (from your smartphone is fine) to show us a little more about your “hosting capabilities, feel free to do so. Again, we remind you that ONLY PICTURES ARE MANDATORY, video is an option.

WAIVER: please note that all pictures and/or videos submitted will not be returned and remain the property, once submitted, of the TV CASTING RANCH.




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Videos submitted should be no longer than 30 sec (link to your YOUTUBE channel or similar platform is preferred), should feature ONLY you and filmed in an environment where we can clearly hear the sound of your voice.


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