OUR POINT SYSTEM, its cash and much more…

Available exclusively to profile members, these points are earned EACH AND EVERY TIME you purchase any of our products online through the TV casting ranch website. As you earn points, so do your ‘saving stripes’ allowing you access to more specific deals NOT PUBLICIZED to the public at large.


SSL pro – yearly purchases reaching $1,500

SSL expert – yearly purchases reaching $5,000

SSL platinum – yearly purchases reaching $10,000

Depending on your SSL status, you could earn the right to receive a special autograph picture set of your favourite, an invitation to come backstage before a show, receive your personalized SWAG bag full of goodies, be given the chance to join our crew for an upcoming VIP road trip or even get to accompany your favourite celeb to a local red carpet event AND THERE’s MORE!

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Complete the form below which tells us you WANT TO PARTICIPATE in the SSL program, then go the MY ACCOUNT TAB! and log yourself in… THATS IT