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OUR PRODUCTION STUDIOS Perfectly suited to photoshoots and TV scenes. Our studios 1 and 2 are used as entire ‘prop vehicles’ or for particular script scenes for our ‘made for TV web productions including UTC, The clubbers backdoor and Cityscape Ladies for which video montages are pushed out as TV trailers OUR LUSH SURROUNDINGS Right by a very deep lake, mountains across and plush forests all around, the property is a perfect setting for a number of our practical TV scenes and specialty workshops more specifically for our Corporate Retreats. OUR INDOOR HEATED POOL A very special and unique facility added to our property has made it the envy of most other properties in the Laurentide cottage countryside. Perfectly suited for a number of our LIVE events, mostly those attached to a made for TV web projects that feature a live audience. With its palm trees and other unique features, It can be used as a backdrop for a Miami scene or a ‘fashion by the pool...

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Ultimate Teen Challenge

Ultimate Teen Challenge Hollywood power in your hands   Come transform and step into the shoes of AN ACTOR, WRITER, VIDEOGRAPHER AND EVEN A PRODUCER This is a TWO DAY program we refer to as a ‘training bootcamp’ and is directed to teens/tweens between the age of 9 to 17 who want to ‘feel the Hollywood vibe’ for themselves. The TV casting ranch is the place to see it all happen. LIGHTS – CAMERA – ACTION! HOW IT WORKS! You (with your parents consent and assistance) fill out the ONLINE FORM and send it in. You will then receive...

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Cityscape Ladies

CityScape Ladies Love, Lust and Passion Cityscape Ladies Cityscape Ladies – general info CITYSCAPE LADIES – FEMMES INFERNALES Bring together 5 women from very different walks of life who discover through an odd get together that they may have more in common than meets the eye. Though their own friends discourage it and society frowns upon it, this chance encounter very quickly brings out a twisted friendship that will be tested through thick and thin. CAN IT SURVIVE? Facebook Cityscape...

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OUR RETREATS – The themes

Corporate Retreat recapturing the essence of one self   CORPORATE RETREAT It’s been proven over and over that just a day a month away from the everyday can make the difference between being content and being happy. Our corporate retreats are here to help. Coached by professionals in a secluded yet luxurious  environment, our daily and overnight sessions can truly give your body the rest it deserves. In a world of run run run, often the proverbial saying ‘stop and smell the roses’ takes on a new meaning. Our corporate retreats will give your mind, body and soul a quick boost of energy while relaxing you. We invite you to give us a try and see for yourself what we mean by RELAX – REJOYCE – REJUVENATE The standard themes THE OUTDOORSMAN. A special adventure that does feature the outdoors. A communion with mother nature for the people who also need to let loose on physical level. Recommended for our guests that are not afraid of getting a little dirty while enjoying a special moment handling man tools BOARD GAMES. This is an invitation to lean back into one of our very comfortable chairs and savour the moment in a friendly multi person board game of your choice. Choose from over a dozen games, then toss the dice while listening to a varied selection of great soothing music. AROMA...

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Cottage Cut-Throat Cookoff – official news

Cottage Cut-Throat Cutoff - official news 30 teams, 300 guests, 3000 pounds of meat   COMING UP NEXT SUMMER, is a “student special”. Over 30 teams from three of the best known universities in the Greater Montreal Area will battle it out for the title and the prizes. The teams will be unleashed onto their BBQ to cook up a storm, impress their peers and our panel of BBQ specialists. From the subtleties of spices to the art of making up a table and hosting it, who has it all and what will it take to cross the finish...

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