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inside The Clubbers BACKDOOR

The Clubbers BACKDOOR A unique adventure featuring a cast of 13 women who enjoy the spotlight, the nightclub scene and believe social media popularity should be an olympic sport. The bootcamp training sessions will provide them a platform to test them on this “search for greatness” What can you expect, you ask… Without spoiling the surprise for the fans, lets just say that to achieve greatness, one needs to polish all their skills including knowing what to say, when to say it, how to dabble in red carpet glory, commercial ad lib spotlight, avoiding fashion faux pas, perfect bartending...

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RECENTLY OPENED TO THE PUBLIC SELECT EVENTS ONLY  – please see the event specifics/calendar WE’VE LANDED IN QUEBEC! The TV CASTING RANCH IS: Corporate Retreat Held on weekdays only, they are the perfect break from work/staff bonding experience for groups of 5 or more. DISPONIBLE EN FRANCAIS EGALEMENT! Interactive Dinner Theatre In association with two of the most celebrated TV female detectives in Canadian history, this event brings together strangers around a dinner feast for a fun, web and hands on soiree sure to be as entertaining as it is tasty. TV reality “Bootcamp Training Sessions”  Our Bootcamp Training Sessions for cast hopefuls in front of a LIVE taping audience are on deck with three (3) shows on tap. Check the SHOW INFO tab and our CALENDAR to find out which series is launching.  The TV casting ranch sits on 100,000 Sqf of luxury training facility by the water and is fully equipped to accommodate guests, cast hopefuls and fans. For more information and coming event dates, simply look up the desired section and online calendar.  HAVE TICKETS GONE ON SALE ALREADY? Find out on our calendar,...

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Sinful Secrets – The series

A TWO in ONE visual showcase. Get ready to watch SINFUL SECRETS – the series and SHE’s ON THE CASE – the INTERACTIVE DOCUMENTARY. Based on the real life stories of an Ontario based female detective as she goes through her paces, coached, behind the scenes by two of Canada’s real life, and published popular female PI’s, from the 90’s What are today’s female detectives learning from yesterday’s stars. Has the world changed so much? Does a few decades change today’s problems? How does one use the knowledge of two of Canada’s most famous lady PI’S in today’s world?...

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DAYPASS – what’s that?

The DAYPASS / DAYPASS PLUS options allows any of the fans interested in attending a live taping as part of the live audience to come watch all the action. You’ll also enjoy a HOT/COLD buffet and get your hands on exclusive show merchandise.   Please note that all our live events at the TV casting ranch have limited seating so once you’ve decided to attend a live taping, get your DAYPASS / DAYPASS PLUS right away to avoid missing out.     All DAYPASSES are available through our site’s CALENDAR. Event Calendar MORE DAYPASS INFO DAYPASS includes reserved seating, BUFFET...

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